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School partner surveys indicated that a high level of general consensus has developed around the Ready2Teach teacher candidates' ability to align instruction with state & national standards.

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With regard to perceptions of classroom readiness, the utilization of best practice instructional strategies is a component of teacher candidate preparation for which Ready2Teach participants are recognized as being very well prepared.

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The Ready2Teach Residency program allows teacher candidates to use edTPA training to make connections between reflective practice and improvements in personal teaching styles.

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Both teacher candidates and mentor teachers recognize real-life classroom experiences as the most valuable component of the Ready2Teach program.

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School partnerships with Ready2Teach Universities are recognized as having helped partner schools to meet the goals, addresses the needs, and provides overall benefits to the aforementioned partner school.

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Teachers with experience in both P-12 classrooms and higher education are able to demonstrate research-based and experience driven practices to help improve student success and provide guidance to teacher candidates throughout their year of residency.